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Zrii – What is Zrii?

Zrii (zrii.com) is a network marketing company that operates in the health and wellness niche. William Farley – currently CEO of Zrii, took the business into pre-launch in early 2007. The official business launch was done the following year.

Farley was also responsible for the success of Gitano and Fruit of the Loom and his experience has been quite notable for 3 decades in the industry. This gave him the insight to establish a solid health and wellness business in the MLM industry and surround himself with experts in the field. For a short period of time, the Zrii office mainly headquartered in Draper Utah expanded operation in United States, Colombia, Israel, Mexico and Puerto Rico at the time of writing this content. This fact alone proves how this company offers great potential to becoming a solid competitor in direct selling.

What are The Zrii Products?

ZriiZrii categorizes itself in the Ayurvedic wellness group. This is based on the fact that the products they market are processed in accordance to the 5,000 year old Ayurvedic principles that promote the use of natural ingredients to improve health.

Years ago, William Farley made a personal quest to find a product that would improve his overall health status and longevity. Not long after that, he came across Amalaki and with the help of Dr. Deepak Chopra, Zrii nutritional drink has been processed to benefit ones health. The health benefits of Amalaki are summed up below:

  • Excellent rejuvenator
  • Boost up the immune system
  • Aids in illness prevention

The 4 Core Products Of Zrii Made From The Ingredient Amalaki Are:

  • Zrii – nutritional drink
  • Purify – use to loss weight
  • Achieve – to promote normal digestion
  • Accell – use to control weight

Why Would Some Call Zrii A Scam?

Is-zrii-a-ScamPeople often just learning of the potential in marketing a direct selling company online are often amazed at the possibilities of promoting someone else’s products and earning commissions for them. Zrii is a member of Direct Selling Association (DSA) making it a legitimate company following an air tight protocol in marketing. Hence, it is not an MLM scam. However, without knowing how to properly market these types of businesses, you are at risk of not earning a profit.

Matter of fact, I see average earning people gaining freedom for themselves and their families all the time. I am a good example of one of them. It just comes down to properly knowing how to market.

The Zrii Compensation Plan

zrii-comp-planOne of the highlights this company offers is the provision of short-term income for those who exert effort in marketing their products. They also give members a chance to earn for a long-term residual income.

Furthermore, one can earn more than a high income through commissions, enjoy free travels and bonuses. To liven things up, they also a BMW Reimbursement program offered to exclusive members. For a more in-depth discussion of the Prosperity Plan than this Zrii review, a detailed guide can be found at www.zrii.com.

Be sure to check that out, but first understand that…

A lot of people are skeptical about getting involved with MLM companies since a lot of bad press is out about them. However, in ANY business, one can’t expect to earn by simply paying the start up fee (traditional or not) and waiting for the income to magically appear. That’s not how it works. There is money to be made in this industry, you just need to exert efforts and come up with a good marketing plan to succeed.

I recently read a book by Stuart R. Levine where he narrated a story of two men who were resistance to change. When their companies merged, the two regional vice presidents were asked to cooperate and come up with a good strategy. Sadly, their ideas seem to clash which ended in a serious fight. Finally, the CEO put them in one room and told them, ‘What are you going to tell your families if I fire both of you now?’ No one replied and eventually they were both fired.

These fellows failed to see the project as an opportunity to showcase their skills and possibly increase their salary. Failing to see the picture and resisting opportunity is a total waste of time. We can’t people if they resist but successful people beat the punch. These are people who see opportunity and grab it by the horns, then get a head start in profiting for the long term.

What Zrii, as a business opportunity offers, can be quite promising – just as any online business. But again, not knowing how to properly market online (or market at all for that matter), can be detrimental to your success.

Important Zrii Training

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