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Marketing Resources and Tools Recommended By Jon Mroz
My Personal ‘Must Have‘ Internet Marketing Tool-Box:

Here on this page you’ll find a recommended list of resources that I personally use.  I take this page very seriously, and you will not find anything on here that I don’t personally use at least several times per week.  My goal is to eventually have EVERY SINGLE useful product that I personally use listed here, along with a video explaining exactly how I use it.

ALL of these tools have been well researched, they’re the best in their class, and they come with the highest recommendation.  In case you’re wondering, YES, I may earn a commission from these resources, however I recommend them based off of personal results that I have been able to achieve by their continued usage, and this is what I believe you MUST have to achieve lasting success in your business.  So without any further introduction, let’s begin:

Auto Funnel Press

The “System That Creates Systems” 

AFP-LogoThis has been my secret weapon for years, but before now was not feasible for most marketers. Building your own sales funnel with viral list building capabilities and affiliate network blocks that enable your members to receive commissions from your chosen income streams generally costs around $10,000 and up. I was willing to pay these fees to developers because I was serious about taking my business to the next level. Well, after receiving hundreds of requests from others who wanted to create their own system, I decided to develop a “system that creates systems”. And now for the first time, you can pick up this WordPress integrated software at an extremely low introductory rate. Get the full details regarding Auto Funnel Press Here.

Learn I Personally Enrolled Over 6,812 Members Into My Primary Businesses and Generated Over $3M All Online, and With Complete Automation Using Systems Like Auto Funnel Press: 


GVO & Pure Leverage

gvo-pureGVO and Pure Leverage have not always been on the top of my list. When GVO originally released it was meant to be a hosting service that seamed to attract online marketers by offering them free tools like autoresponders, capture pages, video hosting, web hosting, etc etc. My first opinion of it was that the tools were 2nd class in comparison to services like Aweber, Host Gator, Optimize Press, and EZS3. However, in GVO and Pure Leverages more recent days, they have updated their tool suite and in my opinion are now just as good, if not better than their competitors. If you are looking for an “All In One” solution to get your websites online, host your content (like videos, blogs etc), get the most reliable autoresponder with the best deliverability, chat rooms, capture pages and more for 1/10th the price of everything you might find below – GVO and Pure Leverage are NOW my top pick. Read my GVO and Pure Leverage Review, and Join GVO for $1 then upgarde to Pure Leverage from your GVO back office.

Optimize Press

Optimize PressOptimize Press is the ONLY wordpress theme that I recommend. You are currently reading this message on a website created by the optimize press theme, and more than likely, every future web site that I create will also be created with the Optimize Press theme. It is the result of nearly 4 years of research and testing that created the best sales pages, squeeze pages, blogs, membership sites, and launch funnels used by just about every major marketer in the industry. If you ever struggled creating any of the for-mentioned, Optimize Press simplifies the process, and you’ll be up and running before you can catch your breath. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. To learn more about how I use Optimize Press, watch my video tutorial on my Optimize Press Review and then join Optimize Press.

Tribe Pro

tribe-proTribe Pro is a social media syndication network that creates hundreds to thousands of back links to your content on virtually complete automation. Have you ever wondered how the “Big Guys” always seem to have their content every where you look? Have you ever questioned how bloggers can create viral buzz around their content the moment it gets published? Have you ever wondered how the same network marketers continuously position their content on the first pages of the major search engines, again and again and again?

The secret is in the syndication.

More exposure = More Traffic, which converts to more leads and sales for your business.

When you join Tribe Pro, be sure to get connected with me in my “Syndication Mastery Tribe“, and you’ll gain access to my exclusive syndication training valued at over $97. To learn more visit my Tribe Pro Review and then join Tribe Pro.

Empower Network

Empower NetworkI kid you not… It was not until I got my first blog online, that I made my first sale.  However, I can also remember the pain and struggles of learning everything there was to know about hosting, domains, name servers, permalinks, and a whole slew of other techno babble just to get that web site / blog online. Long story short, after some discussion with a top online marketer, he managed to produce a system that totally eliminated all the technicalities of getting your first web site online. What’s even better, Empower Network is considered an Authority Blog. This means, that ranking on the first pages of Google has never been easier. What used to takes me 6 to 9 months to accomplish, can now be accomplished in 15 minutes. It is a truly revolutionary system that is a “Must Have” for any serious marketer. Add to that, you can resell it for 100% commissions. It doesn’t get much better than that!

To Get The Insider Facts and Pick Up My Free “Empower Network 6 Figure Bonus Formula Video” Visit Empower Network Bonus. You can also get a get a complete Empower Network Review Here.

Magic Submitter

Magic SubmitterMagic Submitter is the only all-on-one content submission tool on the market that combines the video syndication ability of Traffic Geyser, the automation of SENuke X and the article submission power of Unique Article Wizard, all for a relatively low price of $67 per month. Compare this to similar products that range in the high hundreds or even thousands. Alexandr Krulik’s (Magic Submitter Creator) proposes that SEO is full of tedious drudgery… the solution – Magic Submitter will save you hours by completing these tasks automatically for you. Get a complete review of this software by visiting Magic Submitter.

Article Robot

Article Marketing RobotArticle Marketing is an extremely effective process that helps you get your web sites and blog posts ranked high on the search engines. The problem – it can be a very tedious, time consuming task. Take it from me – when I was getting my start in this industry, I used to do all of my article marketing manually.

And even though I spent months on end submitting articles to directories… I don’t regret it a bit. Why? Because article marketing alone enabled me to generate my first 5 figure month online.

However, with advances in technology and software, what used to take me months of hard, boring work, can now be accomplished in minutes with Article Marketing Robot.  Simply select a market that you would like to compete in (such as mlm), choose the keyword, write the content and blast it to the directories thru Article Marketing Robot. Expect to see your “High Traffic, Low Competition” keywords skyrocket thru the search engines.

While Magic Submitter can be considered an “all-in-one solution”, and a great investment in your business, many get turned off with the monthly recurring billing. With Article Marketing Robot, you’re getting the article marketing portion for a low, one time fee. Get a complete review including videos and more by visiting Article Marketing Robot.

Tweet Adder

Tweet AdderTweet Adder is a Twitter Application that automates the process of marketing your business on Twitter. The software has the capability of managing an unlimited amount of accounts and literally enables you to get your message out to the masses with complete automation. Just to give you an idea, Tweet Adder tweets for you, adds followers, unfollows twitter followers to look more human, retweets other peoples tweets, sends “thank you” messages to those who add you as a follower, replies to people that tweet your tweets and so much more. When used properly (by adding value and posting great content), this equates to TONS of leads and sales.

Get a video overview of how to dominate twitter using tweet adder here, or download a free trial by visiting The Official Tweet Adder Website.


ezs3EZS3 is the ultimate solution for hosting media files on your website. Sure, there’s always free services like Youtube, but in the end, you do not own this. If for any reason Youtube decides that they don’t like your “make money online” or “network marketing” business opportunity video presentation, they will (without question) remove your content instantly. It is for this reason that I always keep host my own videos, and audios on the Amazon S3 servers. Getting set up can be a bit tricky the first time, but once you’re done, uploading and embedding video could be done quicker and with more ease. In addition, I have yet to find a cheaper solution that ensures you never have to worry about losing your account. Get Your EZS3 Account Here.

Lead Net Pro

Lead Net ProLead Net Pro is revolutionizing how people generate targeted leads online, quickly and easily. Generating leads in today’s market place doesn’t have to be as complicated as many would like for you to believe. With advances in technology, new software is making it easier for the newbie and veteran alike to generate highly targeted leads of people just like you and I, marketing their businesses on the internet. This “all-in-one” lead extractor, voice broadcaster and e-mailer (exclusive to our team) simplifies the marketing process from A to Z. To see Lead Net Pro in action and how I was able to build a team of 9,400 in 1 year while getting a complete Lead Net Pro Review, be sure to visit Lead Net Pro.


AweberWhen it comes to building a list of highly targeted prospects, and managing that list to ensure you have a solid business that you can call your own, you are ONLY going to want to use the best. Whether you have a traditional business, online business or your a super affiliate, using an autoresponder service to follow up with your customers is a MUST. Did you know that it takes a visitor an average 7 visits to your website before they make a purchase? Aweber is the industry standard, and it is your solution, ensuring that your prospects return to your site. I can confidently say that aweber is responsible for 6-figures yearly in my business. When you purchase Aweber thru this link, shoot me an email (jon(at) after you make the purchase, and I’ll send you my exclusive training videos showing you exactly how I use it in my business, and how you can be totally set up with aweber, ready to collect leads your first day. Pick Up Your Copy of Aweber Here.


Host GatorHostgator is the industry standard when it comes to hosting your internet marketing business website online. Although is great for domain names, I learned the hard way that you ONLY want to use trusted servers for your websites. There are a few things that you MUST have when it comes to hosting providers if you plan on simplifying the process of building your online web presence. Some of which include a cpanel, fantastico for wordpress, and excellent 24 hour customer service knowledgeable to your concerns and available by phone or email to answer your questions. I couldn’t recommend a better hosting platform for you to host your websites. When you get your hosting package thru this link, shoot me an email (jon(at) after you make the purchase, and I’ll send you my exclusive training videos showing you exactly how to get  your first websites online with complete ease. This training will blow you away with how simple it is. Pick up the “Baby” hosting plan thru Host Gator Here.

Stay tuned for great reviews and information on cutting edge software, and marketing resources.


Will these resources be of use to you in your business? Be sure to “Share”, “Tweet”, or “+1″, and leave your comments Below.

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