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My Lead Company is currently causing a stir in online marketing.  Deciding to join an MLM company can be daunting task. There are many organizations to choose from, each offering their own compensation plan. My Lead Company is one of the newest marketing companies online making a name in the industry. If you are considering joining My Lead Company, or any online opportunity, you should always do your due diligence.  Find out what people are raving about, research thoroughly, and make an informed decision as to whether or not it’s right for you..

Facts about My Lead Company

My-Lead-Company_JR_JacksonMy Lead Company, established in October 2011, was founded by JR Jackson, who has been successfully marketing in the industry for about 18 years. For a short while after its launch, the company managed to make a statement in the industry and provide a stable flow of leads to many businesses. Jackson made it clear that he primed My Lead Company to remove the workload of generating a steady flow of leads for marketers. Leads being the lifeline of a business, most marketers welcome any type of help in the area of generating them. Without leads, business will slowly deteriorate. This is how My Lead Company is attempting to help millions of people worldwide.

The quantity of leads delivered varies, depending on the lead package purchased by the customer. Starting at $24.95 weekly, one can guarantee a steady flow of leads to their site. However, the price increases to as much as $199.95 weekly for 5000 leads. Many prefer the cheapest package at $24.95 for 200 leads in a week. My Lead Company provides business coaching to improve the profitability of a business. More information is available at

Will My Lead Company Really Lead To Success?

my-lead-company-leadsMy Lead Company aims to increase your potential earnings by providing you with a steady stream of leads to convert to sales. But what if another member of My Lead Company has already converted them?  This was a concern that many had.  If everyone was getting the same leads, it would be pointless. JR Jackson was quick to clear this confusion by explaining that the leads delivered to a site are exclusive for that specific site only. So no need to worry about getting the same leads as others.

It’s important to understand that simply generating leads via My Lead Company will not turn your business into an overnight success. All the leads in the world won’t amount to anything if you aren’t able to convert them to sales.  In addition to leads, you will need a proper marketing funnel to direct them through.  You should also continue in your own marketing efforts to generate your own leads as well. Many inexperienced marketers think they can purchase bulk leads and send them an email directing them to a replicated site or page, then just sit back and watch the money roll in.  If only it were that easy!

my lead company funnelMy Lead Company may be able to provide you with a steady stream of leads, but will you be able to convert them to sales?  Do you have a marketing funnel in place that you are confident about sending leads through?  If not, you may be wasting your money.  Learn more about lead generation and building a successful marketing funnel by clicking the button below and picking up my free “10 Day Online Business Transformation Video Training Series” – Yours free, just for swinging by my blog.

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