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Gano Excel

Gano Excel – Curious as to what all the hype is about?  Many are, as there is a great deal of buzz going on about this company.  Whether you’re considering becoming an affiliate of Gano Excel, or just interested in purchasing their products, this review will give you more insight into what they are all about.  Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer.

The Gano Excel Company

Before getting into the real meat and potatoes of how to achieve financial independence with the Gano Excel, let’s understand what the company is all about. Gano Excel USA is an MLM company that aims to promote health and wealth to all people. The mission is achieved through the promotion of products that improve health and longevity, while at the same time offering a strategic method of earning a continuous and immediate flow of income.

This network marketing organization started its function in Malaysia last 1995. Currently, the company is operating in several nations globally, including countries in Europe, Africa, South America and United States. The global development is intense. This made Gano Excel a powerful MLM Company to work with in the industry, confirmed by A+ rankings obtained from Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Direct Selling Organization (DSA).

Successful operations depend on how the leaders collaborate with the members. Developments within the company, as well as the employees in the community, have strengthened Gano Excel over the years.. Declaring the vision of becoming a top rank company in the health and wellness niche, they’ve made sure to promote the best products possible to benefit society.

Gano Excel Products

gano-excel-productsGanoexcel markets products from a staple ingredient, Ganoderma Lucidium, which was considered the ‘king of herbs’ in the ancient period. There is a wide range of marketed products from health supplements to household items, skin care and beverages enhancing nutrition. To break this down, here is the list of products currently marketed by Gano Excel:

Health Supplements:

• Ganoderma – used to boost up the body’s defense system
• Excellium – supplements several vitamins and minerals to the body. The product is made from ycellum of the Ganoderma plant.
• Gano Garcinia – used for weight management


• GanoCafe 3-in-1 – the famous Gano Excel Coffee from the ‘king of herbs.’ Flovors available in mocha and classic.
•Gano Schokolade – an energy drink

Skin Care Items:

• Gano Soap – promotes cleansing, moisturizing and beautifying effects.
• Gano Transparent Soap – skin whitening
• Gano Fresh – cleansing and refreshing toothpaste

The Gano Excel Compensation Plan

gano-excel-comp-planGano Excel affiliates can earn direct sales profits from customers they sell directly to, as well as those customers of theirs who purchase online.  Fast start bonuses, progressive team commissions, executive check matching bonuses and pool bonuses are all also available to add to the potential income to be made.  Like many opportunities, success with Gano Excel depends not only on how much you are able to produce, but also on building a strong team and making sure that they have the tools and training necessary to be able to produce as well.

Both the immediate and residual income offered by Gano Excel is excellent considering the vibrant growth they’ve demonstrated in the direct selling niche. Furthermore, with the use of the internet in their marketing methods, members benefit with a more flexible schedule and a much larger market. Distributors and marketing consultants can operate this business from the comfort of their own homes. Gano Excel also provides continuous support through tools, seminars and trainings to extend a helping hand to their distributors.

Can You Become Successful With Gano Excel?

Although the company is no doubt operating strongly in the industry and is here for long-term, just becoming a member of Gano Excel will not turn a profit. It takes consistent action and proper marketing to be successful with any opportunity.  Like many MLM opportunities, 97% of those who get started with Gano Excel are likely to fail. Contrary to popular belief, it has little to nothing to do with the company. It’s neither because of a faulty network marketing system nor improper direct selling approach, since the industry has produced quite a few millionaires worldwide. The fact is that most people fail for two reasons: incorrect mindset and improper marketing strategies. Since the business is operated at home, most people don’t treat it as business.

Failure with Gano Excel, or any other opportunity, is rarely about the company. Most people just follow whatever their upline tells them. This is acceptable, if your upline has the experience and training necessary to lead you properly. You’ll need a successful marketing plan…a “blueprint for success, if you will. In contrast to what most people believe, you can connect with an endless amount of leads in a day. The key is gathering “targeted leads”.  This is where internet marketing comes into the picture.

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