“Empower Network Is A Scam”, And I’m Calling Everyone Out!

Empower Network Scam Review

“Empower Network Is A Scam” and I’m Calling Everyone Out …

Empower Network Is A Scam – How many times have you heard that?

Well today… we learn the facts about Empower Network and the claims that others are making about it. Today, we base our findings on FACT, rather than assumptions and ignorance.

You see today, I am writing a blog post that I told myself I would never write. You see – I never like to associate myself with ANYTHING negative. If I don’t have anything good to say … well, I usually won’t say anything at all.

However, when I see thousands of people being mislead by scam artists making false claims online who’s only agenda is to mislead their readers in an attempt to redirect company keyword search traffic just so THEY can make a quick buck, well… I feel that it is my duty to call these guys out.

Oh yeah – it’s going to be THAT kind of blog post – filled with controversy… it’s going to be juicy, but most importantly, it’s going to be based 100% on facts rather than assumptions and ignorance in contrast to the other “scam” articles written about Empower Network by members of a dirty affiliate marketing company.

And since I am going to be using this word often in this article, let’s go ahead and define it right now – ignorance.

ignorance-is-blissIgnorance just sounds like a nasty word… doesn’t it?

Well, my intention here is not to get nasty – it is to provide value… It is to provide YOU with the facts … the 100% TRUTH. So when I use words that sound nasty, I want you to understand these words for their true meaning, and not that I am just being nasty.

The word “Ignorance” is defined in the dictionary as having a lack of knowledge or information. I personally use the word in many instances referring to people who speak of which they know nothing about. So again – they have a lack of knowledge or information yet they speak about the topic as if they do.

So let’s get into this review and understand WHY I am so fired up about all the controversy that surrounds Empower Network.

The Empower Network Controversy 

Obviously – people have a lot of opinions about Empower Network.

In fact, any company that draws as much attention and creates as much buzz as a multi-million dollar corporation like Empower Network is bound to have a LOT of controversy surrounding it.

However, there’s this famous quote about truth that plays well into this scenario:

All Truth passes through 3 stages.

First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

I mean heck, Copernicus, who lived from 1473 to 1543 was branded as a heretic for proving that the earth was not the center of the universe. It wasn’t until 2005 that the Vatican recognized their mistake and gave him a proper burial.

misleading-blogsUnfortunately, in today’s modern world we haven’t progressed much when it comes to accepting new truths. Much like the those who cast the first stones at Copernicus, it only takes a few ignorant people (there’s that word talked about) with an outlet like an online blog to mislead the masses by making uneducated claims only adding fuel to the issues at hand, becoming part of the problem rather than the solution.

There are a few people in particular, most of which who seem to be a part of a ‘specific affiliate marketing program’, where the owners and leaders of this program teach their members some VERY nasty negative marketing tactics that target legitimate companies. When the searcher lands on their blog post, the content misinforms their readers in an attempt to make a quick sale. Well, these shady marketers obviously have their own agenda… which again, is to misinform and then redirect people who are searching for Empower Network, to their own opportunity in an effort to recruit the searcher.

The way that they are going about “making the sale” is downright dirty.

And although these guys are ALWAYS weeded out over time (as they are literally considered the scum of the industry), I just couldn’t stand by any longer, watching them steel people’s dreams away for their own personal gain. It’s people like the ones that we’ll be discussing in this blog post that give our industry a bad name and to be quite honest … I’ve had enough. I truly want to change the way our industry is perceived and it starts with debunking the claims of the ignorant, and replacing their assumptions and opinions with facts and value to help those that are seeking the truth get it from a knowledgeable, reliable source.

So, lets’ dive into some of their assumptions, opinions, and lies and debunk them 1 by 1 so that you can get the facts.

factsThe Facts: 

One of the most common lies you’ll hear from scam artists in an effort to redirect your attention away from Empower Network is the claim that:

Empower Network Is a “Pyramid Scheme”:

First let’s define a Pyramid Scheme.

A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.
(source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyramid_scheme)

The fact is, Empower Network has MANY products and services which include:

  • A viral blogging platform that enables you to have a 100% completely customizable web site online within seconds of your purchase, enabling you to bypass months, if not years of struggle when it comes to technical hurdles. This product alone cost over $2 Million Dollars to develop and is worth every penny.
  • In addition to having one of the world’s first instantaneously produced, fully customizable web site, coded to you with your details, you have the option of utilizing Empower Network’s 100% completely customizable marketing funnels that ensure you receive a commission if you decide to resell any of Empower Network’s highly valuable products.
  • Other products include self-development audios (much like that you would hear from legends such as Tony Robbins), and an extreme amount of marketing training taught by some of the world’s top online marketers and producers. These training products are valued in the tens of thousands of dollars, that of which I would compare to an Ivy League college education. Yet, I will say that it would take someone with an education to understand the value of these educational products.

Take it from someone who has consumed the products within Empower Network and applied what I learned. And by doing so… I earned over 1 million dollars within my first 2 years within this company.

Below are my personal earnings within Empower Network for the first 2 years, from consuming the products and applying what I learned from within the program.

Empower Network Income Claims

View The Empower Network Income Disclaimer Here

And let me go ahead and get this out of the way now… my results were based on my efforts. I followed the plan, I studied Empower Network’s courses, and applied what I learned. I cannot guarantee your results will be the same as mine, just as any college on the planet cannot guarantee the success of your career based on the education you purchased from them.

And although we’ll discuss this later … those who claim Empower Network is a Pyramid scheme, will have you believe that only those at the top make money. Well, let me give you the facts and let you know that there is no top or bottom with Empower Network. So, I was not “one of the lucky ones” who got in early. Empower Network simply has valuable products for sale and we sell them – just like any business on the planet. Those who sell more products, earn more income… just like any business on the planet.

Are Empower Network Products of Any Value? 

So… if you ask me the question – Jon, would you pay $5,000+ for an education that gives you the potential to earn over 1 million dollars in 2 years time?

My answer would simply be – YES, in fact, I would pay $20,000, $30,000 or even $100,000 for a valuable product such as the blogging platform and education modules available to you within Empower Network’s back office that are offered to you at a ridiculously low cost in comparison to ANY college education.

educationNow, don’t get me wrong, I am ALL FOR education in ALL aspects… traditional, non-traditional, online or off. As long as the education has a positive effect on the students, and has proven to produce results, there IS value in it.

I think Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said:

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

So, my last words on this are simple.

If someone tells you that Empower Network is a pyramid scheme mainly because they do not have a product, 10 times out of 10 they fall into either one of these categories:

  1. They have personally not consumed nor applied the educational products within Empower Network and therefore have ZERO authority to be speaking about them. Again – the definition of ignorance.
  2. They have their own agenda… meaning – they are using negative marketing tactics to attract people that are searching to learn more about Empower Network, only to find these scam artists who attempt to redirect that traffic into purchasing their own “opportunities” or schemes.
  3. Unfortunately, you also have what I call … “The Jaded”. These are people that have purchased into systems or opportunities in the past (which may or may not have included Empower Network) and they are just simply jaded with the industry due to their own inability to produce results.

too-much-work-i-quitThey likely bought into a business without the proper education on how to successfully run that business, and then once they owned the business, they didn’t follow the plan. Much like a work out regimen, you get out of it what you put in… and you know just as well as I do, 97% of people who start a diet or workout plan quit before they ever reach their goal.

Now, It’s also very possible that these same people were mislead by marketers who were just trying to make a quick buck. These marketers often tell the uninformed that everything is done for them on the inside and that not much work is required to earn money. The fact is – that is not the case. You see – the opportunity is 100% legitimate, but because there are hundreds of thousands of affiliates marketing the opportunity, it is not possible to police all of them when it comes to how they market it. I like to call these people who buy into the hype, and empty promises of shady marketers… the “Lottery Mentality” group. They invest into an opportunity thinking that once they join, they will magically make money. The fact is – that is also NOT the truth. Just like in the traditional the world, there is work to be done.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

In the traditional world, people open businesses in buildings.

It costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the doors open and the shelves stocked… not to mention the additional costs of employees, merchant fees, continued product purchases (only to resell those products for a couple dollars more than they purchased them for), and tens of thousands of dollars in additional overhead expenses depending on the business that you decided to “invest” in. Heck it often costs over 1 Million Dollars to open a McDonalds Franchise and if you fail at that, do you think you’re going to see a penny of that in return – Absolutely Not.

On the other hand… here online, you have the opportunity to open a legitimate business stocked to the brim with valuable products that will help you in all aspects of life and business and you can often start this business for less than the cost of a pizza with friends (in many cases).

BOTH businesses require effort.

Traditional Business I am sure that you have seen your fair share of businesses (let’s use a restaurant in this example) that have opened and then went out of business shortly thereafter… right?

And at the same time, you’ve seen your fair share of restaurants that have succeeded tremendously. Like Subway, Burger King, Papa John’s etc etc…

We can both agree that opening a restaurant is a proven business model… right? In other words – people CAN succeed in the restaurant industry.

We can also agree that people can fail miserably in the restaurant industry as well… right?

What’s crazy is when you see the restaurant owner who invested his life savings into the restaurant and FAILED because he didn’t do what was required of him to succeed in the business, well… he doesn’t go running around calling the restaurant industry a scam – does he?

The fact is … BOTH the traditional, and the online companies are IN FACT legitimate.

Empower Network has been around since 2011, it has been reviewed and picked apart by the authorities and it is not going ANYWHERE… for good reason.

We (hard working legitimate online business owners) just get a bad rap sometimes, because of shady marketers misleading others into opportunities with the promise of riches with barely any effort. And when people don’t see the results they expect, the industry as a whole gets the inappropriate label of “scammers” based solely on the ignorance of the few.

The issue with our industry (online marketing) is that pretty much ANYONE can start a business online with VERY little cost. Yet, when it comes to running an online business, not everyone is willing to do what it takes… and when they FAIL, they place blame on the company, the seller, the enroller, the sponsor… ANYONE but themselves, much like the negative remarks you’ll hear on scam boards and misleading bloggers web sites that clearly have their own agenda.

transparencyTransparency Is Key

I am VERY proud to say that I am 100% transparent in my marketing and that I always tell you ‘how it is’ whether you like it or not. I am up-front with you because I want you to know that there IS work to be done, but once that work IS done… the payoff potential is FAR greater than what you can often produce in the traditional sense.

You see, when it comes to products, I like to weigh things in terms of value and price. When I see that the scale tips way further on the value side than it does on the price side, I know that this a product worth purchasing. And I’d say learning from the world’s top online marketers about how to properly run a successful online business (which by the way earned me over 1 million dollars in less than 2 years) … well – I’d say that’s a product worth having.

And lastly, when it comes to these shady marketers with their own agenda, misleading and misinforming you in terms of whether or not Empower Network has a legitimate product… just think twice about where your information is coming from, and ask yourself … does the website owner have another agenda here? Are they trying to get me to purchase something from them? Are they lying to me about the value of one product to get me to look at their own scheme?

As I previously mentioned… a good portion of Empower Network’s products are education based, taught to you by the world’s leading online marketers who have achieved the financial results that their students desire.

So if someone from some random “scam” website is telling you that these products have no value (or that they don’t agree with their value), or that the educations within these products has no value, do you really think you should be getting educated by them?

And let me ask you … if you want to be successful in something, are you going to listen to failures, or are you going to listen to someone that is achieving the results that you want to be achieving? It’s as simple as that.

OK, so … In addition to the aforementioned products, you can read about Empower Network’s MANY other products here.

What’s even more interesting is that although Empower Network NEVER promises that you will earn payment (as described in our definition of a pyramid scheme), it is a known fact that 95% of Empower Network’s members, who follow Empower Network’s simple plan, DO indeed earn a commission. I’ll leave a video below as proof of this.

Empower Network Commissions Countdown

You’ll also want to check out a very important post in regards to the REAL percentages in regards to how many people TRULY succeed within this opportunity below:


Only “People At The Top” Make Money

As we covered before, you’ll hear from those attempting to mislead you, stating that Only the people at the top make money. The fact is, it is important to know that there is no top or bottom when it comes to Empower Network’s pay plan. We simply have products for sale and we sell them. There is no possibility of Empower Network not being able to sustain itself unless people simply stopped purchasing products (which is highly unlikely), but even if that were the case, this is EXACTLY how a legitimate traditional business works.

In fact, anyone at ANY time can join Empower Network and earn more than the owners of the company with effort and hard work. That’s one of the many things that I love about Empower Network. I have teammates that I have personally sold products to that have out earned me on several occasions. Sure, there are pass-up sales involved but they are in place to help earn YOU more money – not the supposed “people at the top”. You can read about how the passup sales work, how they benefit the member, how you actually end up receiving MORE than 100% commissions, and HOW this works here

So again… Empower Network simply has incredibly valuable products for sale, and we sell them. It works just like any other legitimate business model on the planet.

OK, so now that we have debunked the falsity that Empower Network is a Pyramid scheme and that they have no products, let’s move on to the next statement that these scam artists would like you to believe.

Empower Network has no clear description as to “what the business is about”, and what your tasks will be to produce a profit.

Empower-DescriptionBy going to www.empowernetwork.com, you will be presented with a video that explains what empower network is, what the company involves, what their products are and how these products can be used by the purchaser to benefit in their own personal business. Yes, that’s right – you can use Empower Network’s products such as their blogging platform and educational training modules to blog about (or create content about) anything that you want, which includes any company that you may currently be promoting. Empower Network’s ONLY stand on this is that you don’t recruit people into Empower Network and then use the data from these recruits (such as their email and phone number – provided to you within Empower Networks back office) to recruit those same people into another opportunity.

Another great thing is that if you don’t currently have a business to promote, Empower network gives you the option to resell their products and services for 100% of the commissions enabling you to create your own business right there on the spot. Simply put, Empower Network couldn’t be more clear as to what the business is all about, and what options you’ll have when it comes to producing a profit by using the products within this company.

You have to be a sales person in order to be successful with Empower Network:

One of the many things that I love about Empower Network is that you don’t have to sell ANYTHING. I personally am NOT a sales person. I never have been, and I really have no interest in ever being one … yet I am one of the top producers in the company.

What I do, is simply provide people with valuable information and allow them to make an informed decision… and because of this, I attract the highest quality prospects that know exactly what they’re getting into the moment that they decide to make a purchase.

In fact, Empower Network is host to some of the TOP Internet sales people on the planet, and when you use the sales funnels that have been created for you as a member of Empower Network, you are actually leveraging these sales people’s ability to make sales for YOU. You simply follow the marketing plan, and allow the sales staff (the system) to do all the selling and telling for you.

Go ahead and check out just one of the Empower Network Sales Funnels here (notice how I am not in the video selling anything, yet if you decide to purchase, I (or the person that referred you to this post) will make a commission.

Empower Network Sales Video

Empower Network Has Up-Sells In Their Sales Process

Yes, they do… this is one of the many GREAT features of Empower Network. Anyone who understands marketing, understands the importance of up-sells, and ALL great companies who have valuable products for sale DO, or should have an up-sell process in place. Up-sells are in place to provide the buyer with more value and offer additional products to them which in turn earns more commissions for those selling the products. What’s great about Empower Network is that YOU (the member) receive 100% of the commissions from the up-sell process. But hey – if you don’t want to purchase the products, you don’t have to. Just as there are costs with EVERY legitimate business on the planet, Empower Network also has a start-up cost… which is as little as $25. It will be up to you to determine if you would like to invest more in your own business. But just as a side note, I personally earned over $237,000 my first 22 months within Empower Network at the $25 product level ALONE. So, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to own all the products or be “all in” in order to see extraordinary results with Empower Network. However, I will say that I earned an additional $800,000 my first 22 months BECAUSE of the incredible up-sell processes Empower Network has in place to help their members earn more, by providing more.

If You Want To Succeed You Have To Be “All-In” Or Pay $XXX.XX Per Month

I actually just briefly touched on this topic in my previous “debunking” 🙂

Many people will claim that Empower Network forces you to go “all in”, and some of the misleading scam artists out there would like for you to believe that if you do not go “all in”, then you will be unable to achieve results within the system.

basic-levelAs I previously stated, I personally earned over $237,000 my first 22 months within Empower Network at the $25 product level alone. Now, I will also say that I earned an additional $800,000 at the higher product levels… HOWEVER, anyone can start at ANY level and produce results. Your only REQUIRED start up investment (if you want to earn an income, that is) is the $19 affiliate fee which enables you to accept credit card payments to resell Empower Network’s products.

This nominal fee also provides you with hosting services, your marketing funnels, capture pages, and a 100% secure, reliable merchant account (where everyone gets approved) enabling you to receive credit card payments while protecting you, ensuring that you never face any difficulties in receiving your commissions. Untrustworthy FREE merchant accounts like paypal are notorious for freezing your funds. This nominal fee protects you from instances such as these.

You Have To Pay Money To Earn Money

This is an interesting statement. Let me ask you … if you were to open a shoe store, what would you sell there? Would it possibly be shoes? Well of course.

Well now let me ask you – what are you going to sell at your shoe store if you don’t have any shoes in your shop?

Just as with ANY and ALL legitimate businesses, you must purchase your products to stock your shelves in order to resell those products at an increased rate.

However, with Empower Network, you can resell the same product over and over and over again, keeping 100% of the commissions rather than a measly small percentage in comparison. And what many people don’t know is that Empower Network is NOT a “pay to play” company. Meaning, as long as you are an affiliate, you can sell any of their products even if you don’t own them. However, you will not receive the commissions from these products until they are purchased from someone… that could be the person that you sold them to.

It’s actually quite refreshing in comparison, if you ask me.

OK, moving on to the next topic …

Empower Network Complaints

lottery-mentalityAs previously discussed in my opening statements, any company that draws as much attention and creates as much buzz as a multi-million dollar corporation like Empower Network is bound to have a LOT of controversy surrounding it. The same goes for Walmart, BestBuy and other huge corporations.

As I previously discussed, we have a term in our industry that describes people who don’t do enough research before diving into a “make money opportunity” and that is … “Lottery Mentality

People with “Lottery Mentality” are those that believe that they can simply click a few buttons online and make money. As I previously discussed, I will say that it is not always their fault in being mislead. Unfortunately, you do have a lot of people out there misinforming others in an attempt to get them to join their opportunity (much like these scam artists who are misinforming you about Empower Network), only to make a quick buck.

However, when people fall prey to these types of marketers, they believe their lies, they jump into programs without fully educating themselves, and when they DON’T make any money by simply JOINING, rather than doing the work required… well, then they post inaccurate claims on web sites like the BBB calling Empower Network a scam… which is simply put – ludicrous.

Funny thing is, If you do your research, you’ll also find that Walmart has many complaints on the BBB. Now … don’t tell me that you are about to call Walmart a scam too, are you?

When I hear people state that Empower Network is a rip-off, or Empower Network this or that etc … I can tell you without question that they simply didn’t do what it took to be successful… and now, they’re are looking to place blame on others for their own inability to produce a result. Surely they won’t place blame on themselves so who’s left? Well, you’ve potentially got … the shady marketer who misinformed them in an effort to make a quick sale, OR a hard working sponsor, or the company.

plant in handsYou know – it’s really sad because I absolutely love our industry. I love the personal growth and self development, and the fact that you can help thousands of people achieve financial and life goals. But with the good always comes the bad, and in our industry these forces of evil include:

  • People who don’t take responsibility for their own actions
  • Tire Kickers and time wasters… obviously.
  • And Shady marketers who mislead and misinform others for personal gain.

And that’s it. Other than those 3 things … I absolutely LOVE our industry.

You see – the fact is, Empower Network is a 100% sustainable, legitimate business that CLEARLY describes to their members with complete transparency that those who join MUST do the work in order to see results… and it’s because of this fact, that I can guarantee you that I can disprove any rip-off complaint or scam related remark made about Empower Network 100% of the time.

Next up:

You Can’t Access The Owners Of Empower Network

Owners of empower networkFirstly, let me state that I may sound a bit bias in this debunking as I am friends with both Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe. I knew Dave Wood well before Empower Network existed, we stay in touch, and meet up around 4 times yearly at the quarterly Empower Network events. So, for me personally, I have no issues connecting with the owners… BUT that didn’t come with ease. I was recognized as a leader in our industry, and contacted by Dave Wood before Empower Network even existed. You can read more about this story here.

When it comes to the remaining 200,000 + affiliates of Empower Network trying to get the Dave’s one on one attention, I will say that in order for you to work with the Dave’s one on one, you need to take some serious action in your life and business. You need to follow the plan, complete the assignments that are given to you, and produce results. And when you start to create success for yourself and your team, you WILL be recognized. And when you start to create extraordinary results, you’ll then work with the leadership, and the Dave’s one on one.

In the mean time, you have one of the most (if not THE most) amazing support communities, and cultures at your fingertips, unmatched by ANY company in Internet Marketing history, available to you for you to get plugged into and get your questions answered. The Dave’s also do weekly training calls, google hangouts and webinars ensuring that you receive the most cutting edge marketing training this industry has to offer. Unlike these other company owners and leaders who make false statements about Empower Network, EN’s owners (Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe) have made MILLIONS online, and that was BEFORE they opened Empower Network. They know EXACTLY what they are doing, so I must ask you…

When you are wanting to achieve a result, are you going to get your advice from those that succeeded tremendously, or those that have a history of failure. Those that have not produced any major results UNTIL they opened their own system for others to market for them? Those who bash other companies for their own gain?

It’s pretty simple if you ask me – maybe it’s time to start thinking twice about who you are listening to, right?

Let me also add that any company owner who spends their entire day working one on one with any John Smith or Jane Doe, is NOT a company that I want to be a part of. Sure it’s great to help people out, and I am all for that, but If the owners are constantly wasting their time on non-income producing activities, it is likely that the company will not go through massive growth, which means smaller paychecks for their members as a whole. Just because you used to work at the Apple Store doesn’t mean that you could call Steve Jobs, and that’s for damn good reason.

investment-in-your-futureNo Free Trial

Guys… this is a REAL business – and just like ALL legitimate businesses, there are start up costs.

Just as if you were to go into business for yourself by purchasing a franchise, restaurant or shoe store, you WILL be required to make an investment. The same goes for online business and with Empower Network as well. It’s how the real world works. And if you aren’t prepared to make an investment to go into business for yourself, well… you likely shouldn’t be going into business for yourself to begin with.

With Empower Network however, the investment is fractions of the cost of a traditional business. Rather than paying tens of thousands of dollars on a down payment on your venue (or place of business), rather than paying the government licensing, zoning and occupational fees, rather than having to stock your shelves with products that you can’t guarantee you’ll sell… you can instead get started in THIS business for as little as $25.

And although you CAN’T get a refund or a Free Trail when you decide to invest in a traditional business, you DO have a 14 day 100% money back guarantee with Empower Network (which in my opinion, is just as good, if not better than a free trial). All I ask is that if you decide to invest in a business with the intention of quitting and getting a refund… well, please don’t waste my time. I like to focus my energy on people that are willing to do what it takes to succeed. Sound Fair?

The Claims Of The Misleading

factsGuys… by now, hopefully you are starting to see a trend. Getting your information from shady bloggers with their own agenda who write negative reviews about Empower Network is simply a marketing tactic used to redirect traffic to purchase their own “scheme”, yet what’s most unfortunate is that to the untrained eye, searchers will continue to look to these scam artists for information in regards to the legitimacy of the company. Again – this is the definition of ignorance.

Aren’t you glad that you now have a resource that will supply you with the FACTS, rather than you having to hear Opinions (not facts) from failures who place blame on others for their own inability to create results?

I know that sounds a bit rough … but guys – these negative marketers are literally the scum of the industry. They will never be respected, leaders will never consider working with them, and oh man do I feel horrible for the newbies who don’t know any better, putting their trust in these guys, implementing the TERRIBLE marketing strategies (like negative marketing reviews) that they are taught by these low-life’s. They are literally ruining their online careers from the start.

I’ll touch on this a bit more after we finish going through all of their ignorant claims.

So … moving on…

Who Was Empower Network Built For?

Who is meant to use the Empower Network system and implement what they learn from their products?

Empower Network’s blogging platform was built for ANYONE to get their message out to their audience. Whether you’re an artist, a musician, a real estate agent, or your just beginning your path to entrepreneurship, Empower Network simplifies the task of establishing your online web presence.

Well, scam artists would like for you to believe that Empower Network misleads people promising riches with little to no work, when the reality is, Empower Network’s whole purpose is to “Empower You” to be more in life, to do more in life, to go the extra mile, and to be a better person … one who provides value to others… and when you do these things, the financial gain will follow.

Empower Network Support

empower-network-supportAs previously discussed, Empower Network has some of the most (if not the most) unbelievable support communities, and culture. You can access these communities as way of facebook groups, skype groups, weekly “Empower Hour” phone calls, weekly training webinars, google hangouts, and most importantly… the legendary Empower Network LIVE events.

The Dave’s are some of the most caring, kind-hearted individuals I have ever met in my entire life. You hear stories all the time of them helping people come from nothing to the most powerful people they can be. Heck, just recently I was told another story of how Dave Wood heard someone scream from the audience while he was on stage. The women (in a state of excitement) screamed out how she wished to see again. Dave Wood (who had never met this woman before in his life) pulled this lady from the audience, listened to her story and paid for her eye surgery enabling her to see for the first time since her childhood. This story literally brought tears to my eyes, and proves to you what types of leaders represent this company. They will literally do anything for their team. They will support them to the fullest extent, and do whatever it takes to ensure your success… as long as YOU do what is required of YOU.

It’s a damn shame that you have scum out there attempting to demean these valiant efforts.

Moving on …

What Are The REAL Costs Involved With Empower Network?

Empower Network (like many successful companies), has many products to choose from. What you decide to purchase will be up to your needs. However, the pricing of each product is simple, to the point, and easy to understand.

Empower Network’s flagship product (the blog), is only $25. When you purchase this product, you are gaining access to a completely unique blogging platform that cost over $2 Million Dollars to develop.

The BIG Misconception

misconceptionMany shady marketers out there would like for you to believe that there is nothing unique about the EN Blogging system. Although I LOVE wordpress, this is NOT a wordpress blog, and it is NOT meant to be used in the same fashion. If you want a wordpress blog, I have 100% free training available to ANYONE that shows you EXACTLY how to install wordpress… and you don’t have to join ANY program to do this (much like these other marketers with their own agenda would have you do).

Let me tell you a quick story… before Empower Network existed I was a part of another affiliate marketing program where I was … pretty successful. I studied marketing, I did the work, and I went the extra mile to train my team, showing them exactly what I was doing to create success. In this training I detailed exactly how to create your own personal website, how to get your own hosting, how to buy domain names, how to change nameservers, how to install wordpress, how to choose and pick the right plugins (which change monthly by the way), how to create capture pages and sales funnels, how to do basic HTML … and let me just say that the list goes on and on.

And guess what – no matter how much training and help I provided to my team, only a small fraction would do the work. Many tried, but many felt that it was too technical, and wouldn’t you know it … a large portion of them quit before they ever saw a result. And guess what – I don’t blame ‘em.

You see – someone getting started in an online marketing program should be MARKETING their business… Not getting stuck on the technical issues.

What the Empower Network blog enables you to do, is bypass literally ALL the technical hurdles I just mentioned… and then some. Forget about building websites, hosting, domains, nameservers, wordpress, plugins, capture pages, sales funnels, html … you need to get into profit and you need to do it NOW. Otherwise, you’re going to quit.

The Empower Network blogging platform enables you to do this with ease… and when you are ready to install your own wordpress blog, there’s an infinite amount of step-by-step training available to you online (including my own training) for 100% free.

The Empower Network blogging platform enables you to get your message out to the masses with ease and automation. It enables you to share your story and connect with your audience without having to learn all the tech stuff, and in a way that enables you to monetize your efforts. You can literally shoot a video from your iPhone (or smart device) about your new product or business, share a video with your team, click one button on your Empower Network app and instantly your amazing content is available online, on your own Empower Network blog.

An Insider Look At Empower Network

Let’s Get An Insider Sneak Peak and Discover What Is Literally At Your Fingertips

You are not limited as to what your content has to be about (as long as it is not vulgar) in other words – you don’t have to promote Empower Network … you can promote anything that you want. Your site is 100% customizable, you have tons of themes to choose from, you can upload your own headers, and make it your own, and you don’t have to know anything technical to do it. You have 100% control over your site, you can choose your own domain name, you can then post your own content on social media (once you’ve mapped your domain to your EN Blog) and if you don’t like something that you posted on your Empower Network blog – you can delete it… contrary to what others would like for you to believe online.

Here’s a great example. I personally own several dozen wordpress blogs. I love wordpress, in fact – if you’re reading this article it’s possible that you are reading it on one of my many wordpress blogs … now, don’t get me wrong – I went thru a pretty hefty learning curve to master wordpress (for the most part) because there are some great things you can do with wordpress (like creating membership sites) that you can’t do with an EN Blog (for now that is). But hey – that’s OK, because that is NOT what your Empower Network blog is for. I personally use my Empower Network blog to create super quick blog posts, short videos, light content, share my story, and link to my money pages, or offers. I can also quickly and easily communicate with my entire team with the touch of a button from my smart phone. I can post about ANYTHING that I want and be as general as I want with my EN blog without fear of damaging any of my niche sites. I kind of think as my Empower Network blog as my central hub that expands into all my wordpress blog networks. And when I want to create content rich articles to rank in the search engines, or build out membership sites, I’ll use a wordpress blog and I’ll likely link to it from my Empower Network blog.

But hey, this is just me… as a marketer it will be up to you to choose what you would like to do with Empower Network’s POWERFUL platform. The sky is the limit… so don’t let others fool you when they tell you otherwise. 9 times out of 10, they have another agenda.

viral-blogThe Viral Blogging Platform

Commissions earned on this product: $25 Monthly. Sell 1 and your product is free.

So … if you ask me – the $25 blogging platform is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. At least, that is what I have personally made from using it, and I know hundreds of other successful marketers who have done the same. You can continue to listen to failures for advice … but I choose to listen to the successful.

From there, you have you have the following optional expenses:

ind-affiliateThe Affiliate Fee

Merchant Processing, Hosting, Support, Sales Funnels, Admin Fee: ONLY $19.95 Monthly.

Before Empower Network existed I learned the hard way, that relaying on FREE merchant accounts (like PayPal) is an EXTREMELY RISKY venture. PayPal does not support ANY affiliate related companies and you hear absolute HORROR stories from people losing tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, or they get their accounts frozen where they are not able to extract funds from PayPal. What’s even crazier – many of these stories come from eBay users (a paypal owned company). Take it from someone who has been thru the struggles of dealing with a generalized free merchant account … you DON’T want to risk your entire business by skimping out on the things that you need most.

Because Empower Network gives their members 100% commissions, they have to remain a sustainable company. This nominal $19.95 fee enables them to stay in profit while providing to you excellent customer support, hosting, sales funnels, and more. In my opinion – it’s worth ten times this.

The Inner Circle ($100 Per Month):

en-inner-circleCommissions earned on this product: $100 Monthly. Sell 1 and your product is free.

The inner circle audios are designed by some of the worlds leading positive thinkers. They help you put positivity in your life. They motivate you to take action and Create on a daily basis. They focus on mindset training, marketing training, daily inspiration, and can be listened to while on your way to work, or while jogging or working out. I compare these audios to the likes of what you might hear from legends such as Tony Robbins, and what’s even more inspirational is that these same exact Empower Network Inner Circle audios literally saved someone’s life. Now THAT is a product worth it’s weight in gold. To learn more about the Empower Network Inner Circle Mastermind Click Here

The Costa Rica Intensive ($500 1 time payment):

empower-network-costa-rica-mastermindCommissions earned on this product: $500. Sell 1 and your product is free.

The Costa Rica Intensive is a series of HD videos recorded during a mastermind retreat (in Costa Rica, hence the name) that focuses on teaching you how to build an online empire. Others have paid over $10K for a product of this nature and you can read more about it here.

The $15K Formula ($997 1 Time Payment):

Commissions earned on this product: $997. Sell 1 and your product is free.

15k-formulaIn my humble opinion, I feel that this product is the most valuable of them all. In this set of training modules you’ll learn from the worlds top Internet marketers EXACTLY how they drive MASSIVE amounts of traffic to their businesses. You’ll learn everything from social media marketing, solo ads, magazine marketing, syndication, SEO, blogging … you name it. This product is easily worth 10 x the price and I literally paid 20 times this price to learn this stuff before Empower Network even existed. You can apply this training to any business that you are in, and it’s for this reason that I have become a top earner and recruiter in EVERY company that I have EVER taken part in. These are skills that you can use in ANY business (traditional or not), and for the rest of your life. You can learn more about this Traffic generation training product here.

The Masters Course ($3,500 1 Time Payment):

Empower-Network-MastersCommissions earned on this product: $3,000. Sell 1 and your product is nearly free.

The Masters Course is almost too extensive to sum up in a brief paragraph. In short, it’s everything you’ll need to go from Zero to Hero in your online business. Being quite the success story online myself (coming from nothing), I know first hand the phases of growth that people go thru when building their online business. The Masters Course tackles each of these obstacles 1 by 1, helping you get past these roadblocks with ease. I have personally paid business coaches over $5,000 to learn ¼ of what is taught within this course. Others (who have likely not been thru these phases of growth) will claim that this product is overpriced. I (and most success stories) on the other hand, understand that education comes with a price, and it is what I have learned within this course, that paid me 1,000 times (and growing daily) what I paid to purchase it. To get the complete details on this course, you can click the link here.

My Final Thoughts On Empower Network:

Empower Network is without question, a company that is often misunderstood. Any company that creates the amount of buzz and attention as a multi-million dollar company such as Empower Network is bound to have a lot of controversy surrounding it.

As I stated in the beginning of this article…

All Truth passes through 3 stages.

First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

Empower Network is currently in it’s first 2 phases, being ridiculed and opposed by the ignorant. Those that understand its value, have applied it’s teachings, and used it’s products (properly) will continue to prosper while others continue to make excuses for their inability to do the same.

Your Income Ceiling

Glass-CeilingLet me tell you a short story about a business venture I took part in before Empower Network existed.

When first venturing into the amazing world of online / affiliate marketing, I took part in an opportunity in 2009 that paid out $25 100% commissions monthly. There was also an option to upgrade to a secondary product that cost $100 monthly and you got to keep those 100% commissions on that product as well. However, there was no hard upsell process in place and only 1 in 100 people or so decided to make this purchase (which limited their business right from the start).

I worked tremendously hard on this business and grew my team to over 3,476 personally enrolled people (people who purchased the product directly from me). My intention with this company was to build a massive residual income for myself while helping my team do the same. And I did this in a respectable manner by providing extreme value, support, and training to my team (that I created externally from the opportunity). From 2009 until 2013 I earned just over $316,000.00 – less than $65,000 a year. Not too bad but nowhere near where I wanted to be. I was considered a top 5 earner within this company and believe me… I worked VERY hard for it.

When Empower Network launched, their comp plan was very similar to the 100% commissions based comp plan that I was familiar with, yet they didn’t cap your income by NOT enabling their members to ONLY promote a LOW COST system. You see… they got it right. They realized the value in the upsell process. They realized that with all legitimate business comes expense, and those willing to treat their business like a business will pay for products that will HELP them take their businesses to new, greater heights. They brought the world’s leading marketers together and created products valued at 10 times what they’re sold for. And by doing so, they don’t cap their members’ income.
You see … just as I earned $316,000 in 5 years with a team (downline) of over 3,476 personally enrolled people and a program that stopped producing products at $25 and $100 with no upsells in place…


I earned over $1 Million Dollars with Empower Network in just over 22 months and a downline of only 1,667 people with a product suite valued at over 10 times what it sells for BECAUSE of many factors (which included an amazing upsell process based around highly valuable products) that the owners of this company put in place so that their members could reap the benefits.

You see … as others speak negatively about that of which they know nothing about (the definition of ignorance), those that understand business will choose to NOT cap their income by investing their time and energy into low paying business plans.

In the end…

  • Empower Network’s products are of extreme value (and available to you when YOU are ready to take your business to the next level)
  • The support is second to none
  • The culture is like nothing are industry has EVER (and likely never will) experience again.

In closing, make an informed decision. Don’t base your reasoning, or judgment on the ignorance of failures. Don’t base your future on the ramblings of angry blog owners who’s only agenda is to redirect “Empower Network” targeted search traffic, essentially scamming you into buying “their deal”.

There’s a reason why over 200,000 people have joined this company, and there’s an even greater reason why the people who truly “get” the vision of this company are now living a more empowered life. There’s a reason why the ones who haven’t given in to the ignorant claims of the few, are now happier, living a life of more freedom and abundance.


Yours In Mastery,

Jon Mroz


Do you have a review in regards Empower Network? Be sure to leave me a comment below and let’s fight the forces of evil!

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  1. Shawn
    6 years ago

    Hey Jon, just wanted to chime in on this real quick. I completely agree with you, that kind of negative marketing always rubs me the wrong way. If they were honestly trying to inform the public about something they felt was taking advantage of people, that would be one thing. But they are in fact manipulating people who don’t know any better by promoting ignorance and presenting whatever they’re doing as the counter thesis to the supposed “scam” they are “reviewing”.

    I remember a while back I even had a discussion in the comments section of one of these reviews (I won’t say which one because that would just give them more traffic), but it’s ranking on Google. Normally I wouldn’t do that because adding comments just further enhances their SEO, but the article was so manipulative and misleading to the average person who doesn’t know any better that I couldn’t help myself.

    In the comment I wasn’t trying to debate the viability of EN at all, but was simply discussing the way the industry actually works and why his review was misleading and dangerous for people who are new and actually trying to make an online business work for them.

    Well, long story short, this person who was supposedly exposing the truth and championing the interests of the common man simply deleted everything from my comment that was challenging to his tactics and left an abridged version that had nothing to do with the original comment.

    That, to me, meant that his person had no logical way to defend or explain his methods in a way that wouldn’t expose him for what he really is, so rather than take the opportunity to debate the issue and possibly strengthen his position, he chose to just run away.

    It’s a simple lack of integrity that’s the issue here, and those of us who have been doing this for a while are able to spot it pretty quickly. Unfortunately, there are many, many people out there who can’t, and they get kicked around by people like this and spun in circles until they don’t know what to do anymore.

    That’s what I’ve always respected about the way you do business Jon. You’re a person of integrity who won’t compromise your conscience just to make a few extra bucks.

    Thanks for the post.

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Awesome Shawn! Thanks so much for sharing. Yup… I had a very similar encounter where I too mistakenly commented on one of those posts. The author simply edited my response to his liking and posted it on my behalf. Wow! Just goes to show you how far they’ll go to mislead others for their own personal gain. It’s a shame, but either way… at least we know that we did our best to get the truth out in this article. I am proud to be a part of such an amazing, respectful community here at EN and look forward to continued growth and development. Thanks again for your feedback. 🙂

  2. George
    6 years ago

    I use to think that Empower network is a Pyramid Scheme. I know the truth now. Thanks for writing such informative article.

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Glad you enjoyed the article, George. And I am happy to provide the facts 🙂

  3. Katy
    6 years ago

    Myths cleared now. I was mislead by many people. Thanks for writing this up.

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Glad to hear it Katy. 🙂

  4. Tannis
    6 years ago

    I am already excited and want to start using it as soon as possible.

  5. JP Smooth
    6 years ago

    Just curious, how come the join button at the bottom is coded to davidwood?

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Hey JP, great question. I created this post with a script that allows affiliates to simply change out the username with their own so that all links within the article point back to your own. Hope that helps 🙂

  6. Xavier
    6 years ago

    I hope this ranks #1. The same thing that happened to shawn happened to me. I left a comment that would have had Al Sharpton shook up and my comment was never approved, and every single point that I made was fixed into this guys blog post to make it seem like he knew what he was talking about…
    Theres a group of “Broke affiliates” out there who call EVERYTHING a scam and try to backend people into their deal. So sad. I mean I wonder if they teach them this in the backoffice or do they do it on their own…and for peanut commissions smh..

    Glad the truth can be revealed though. Thanks for this dude.

  7. Jenn
    6 years ago

    Hey Jon First thats for speaking the truth about EN! You said you used a script to allow affiliate to put their ID in.. 1. whats the name of that script? 2. Can I add my ID in and promote this? Thanks so much in advance

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Hey Jenn, you can absolutely promote this by adding your username to the URL. The php script is quite complex. I would need to make another post about how to implement this. In the mean time, feel free to message me on FB if you need it. Thanks

  8. Derrick
    6 years ago

    Ok, let me give my thoughts on this. I used to be an empower affiliate, I have spent over a 1,000 of this program for a lil over 7 months, Now before I go on I did not make not one sale–yes, not one. BUT! I still support it ALL. I have discontinued my affiliation, I do not kbow why I did not make a sale, but I do not have face book friends, nor a you tube channel, hell I dont have many friends at all to push this. so I relied on all ads from what was taught…. Now your asking well why are you still supporting this then.. Answer is simple, I never believed in affiliate marketing before. Now I understand a lot more, and one day I still plan on giving it a shot. I am out of money at this time, but thats not the point. Dave and Dave and all the other folks, like Rush, Lawrence and That crazy girl from Atlanta has gave me inspiration in life in general. so that is worth the $700 just in that. What empower offers is more than money, and please remember that, they give you a piece of mind that there is something else out there besides the normal everyday crazy ness. So I have included that in my life. So no I have not made any moneys, yet I think there is possibilities. Its a hard word on the internet now days but still is the world. The Internet is what is needed to make it, so thanks to all you guys, and I hope to join you again!! loves ya!

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Hey Derrick! I admire your willingness to progress. I remember getting my start online (before empower network existed). I spent over $20K before I made my first $1. Was it worth it … absolutely. Luckily, nowadays (with empower network), and with people who are willing to share their strategies, you do not need to spend this crazy amount of money to learn the insider secrets. It just comes down to serious implementation and the desire to achieve your goals … NO MATTER WHAT! Great job for never giving up. Looking forward to seeing you on stage soon 🙂

  9. Phillip L Lyde
    6 years ago

    I’ve been following your stuff for some time, and while I’m no longer an affiliate with EN, the one thing I still support and believe in is the culture. When my wife and I went to San Diego last year, I met some of the most influential “ordinary” people I’m still very cool with. The negative marketing tactics are nothing new, as I’ve always argued that it is the individual’s responsibility to provide a moral and ethical standard to their business online.

    I initially was not as successful as I’d liked to have been, but it has all been a growth process that I cherish. No excuses… my focus and skillset wasn’t what it is now, PERIOD! Whether it’s EN or some other affiliate or MLM, the parameters are the same: each person has to go through a learning curve, and if you are not prepared for that sowing, then like so many others (myself included), frustration will set in. Eventually, it becomes more convenient to quit on that venue, even if you tell yourself you haven’t quit your dream (I’m thinking out loud now) =)

    Anyway, good insight Jon, and I still plan on being onstage.

    Phillip L Lyde

  10. Donnie Parks
    6 years ago

    This was so badass> I had to share…Thanks so much Jon and the allowance to code and share it is much appreciated! You rock…I can so relate to your behind the scene style! You rock!

  11. Bill
    6 years ago

    I am a student and I don’t have much money to start working with Empower Network. But yes agree with your point that you have invest in yourself in order to build a business.

  12. Rachelle
    6 years ago

    hi jon! thanks for this great blog post! what script did you use to allow affiliates to change their username? im creating a funnel for my team in empower and have been looking how to do thst function on the links?

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Thanks Rachelle. It is a plugin called php for posts and pages but that is only the plugin. You’ll still need to have a script written to paste in the plugin. Shoot me a message on FB and I will copy and paste the code for you.

  13. Dianne
    6 years ago

    Jon, excellent review and explanation. I just started EN February 28, 2014. That very day EN contacted me, I filed bankruptcy. I have been trying to make money in this market since 2004 and I have to say that until recently I had not treated it like a business nor did I follow the steps to the items I purchased. That is not going to be the case this time. Needless to say I am not all in YET! I plan on being all in shortly. Once I am all in, I plan on blogging it so people can see the opportunity to make money. Your article was awesome and I can’t wait to attend the quarterly meetings and meet the Dave’s, you and all the others making the kind of money I am going to make this year. Again, awesome article and I really can’t wait to get all in.

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Great to hear, Dianne. It wasn’t until I stopped treating my business like a Hobby, and started treating it like a business that it really took off for me as well. Looking forward to seeing you at the next quarterly meeting 🙂

  14. Jack
    6 years ago

    Hey John, We met briefly in Costa Rica for the Masters Course seminar. I was impressed with your low key attitude then, and your side job as a performing DJ. This debunking blog was really well written, and helped to invigorate my own thinking on why joining empower network is the beginning of the best decision set an entrepreneur ca make!

    Thanks for saying it so well. I look forward to meeting you again soon

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Awesome Jack! Great to hear from you again. Glad you enjoyed the article and look forward to seeing you at another EN event. 🙂

  15. Rosemary
    6 years ago

    Whew! Jon: I LOVED this blog, so much that I took notes to make some video’s! But first, I cut and pasted your blog into a Word doc.

    Did you know:
    You wrote over 8700 words? 25 pages? 200 paragraphs?


    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Thanks Rosemary. Yeah – this article took some time to write but these points needed to be made. Glad you enjoyed it and hope you can use it in your marketing efforts 🙂

  16. Gaurav
    6 years ago

    Eye opening article. Even I earned a lot using Empower network.

  17. Ben
    6 years ago

    Hi Jon, you have no clue how much I appreciate this article. I’ve come across many of the “negative marketers” you were discussing and I just felt terrible for the people who didn’t know any better and believed these marketers lies. Thanks so much for the effort you put into this! Finally, someone exposed the truth and now we can send people here when they fall into one of these guys’ traps. Thanks again!

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Glad to be of service, Ben 🙂 It’s only a matter of time before those guys are weeded out. The truth always comes out in the end. In the mean time, I thought I would just do what I could to help speed the process up in regards to Empower Network. Glad you enjoyed it though.

  18. Rachelle
    6 years ago

    Hi Jon! Thanks for the reply. I sent you a message on your FB account and on your fan page. Thanks for sharing! =)

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Great, Rachelle. I just messaged you back on FB. That should do it for ya 🙂

  19. Paul
    6 years ago

    Hey Jon! I really appreciate the article you wrote. This is the type of knowledge people should come across when researching Empower network.

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Awesome, Paul. Glad you liked it. I would hope that people would do enough research to find out the facts about Empower Network before allowing others to mislead them. Thanks again.

  20. Glen
    6 years ago

    Hello Jon. I am completely new into this but i heard about this and i think its time i want to join. Thanks for the article.

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Great to hear it Glenn. There is a link / button at the end of the Empower Network article that will get you connected to the person that referred you here. Will be great to see you on the inside 🙂

  21. Kurt
    6 years ago

    I am active with Empower Network, and overall, I had a pretty good experience with this program. Great article brother.

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Glad to hear it Kurt. I think everyone should follow the training’s of empower network. They truly do empower your life to achieve greater things … once you actually understand what they mean 🙂

  22. Steve
    6 years ago

    Great info on Empower Network, Jon. Most people join opportunities online and expect to make money without fully “getting it”. I too was one of these people.

    I was in EN. I signed up through BIM and at the time, didn’t understand what I was doing. I felt like I was being scammed because i didn’t understand the value that was being provided to me, and when I tried to implement it, I didn’t realize that this is a game of marketing, and that all people market differently. Finally, I understand that you need to get creative and that just doing something (like you would normally do at a job) doesn’t always produce the exact outcome you are hoping for.

    I am an IT expert. I have been in the field over 25 years and am a slave to my boss. There, I do one thing and I know that I get a reward for repeating the mindless processes. I followed the instructions of Vic Strizhaus to the letter and could not make any money because I was just simply doing as I was told and not adding any creativity of my own to it.

    I can see how some people like myself (in the beginning), find empower network’s products to be garbage… if you actually don’t apply them properly. The fact is, these are valuable products that you can resell just as you would any legitimate business, and it just takes someone with a little intelligence and with the heart of entrepreneur to understand, implement, and “Get”.

    People need to understand that OWNING a business is different than doing what you are told (from a boss), and that we (I) are the only one responsible for my success. Obviously, thousands of people are making this incredible program (Empower network) work, I just need to face the facts and look at what I was doing rather than trying to place blame on others for my inability to create results.

    It’s time to get out of the J.O.B. mentality and into the entrepreneurial mentality.

    Thanks again.

  23. Damian
    6 years ago

    This is very good and exhaustive review I ever found.
    I like the 3 stages about “Trueth”

    All Truth passes through 3 stages.

    First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident. ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

    Empwer Network is in the second stage. Anytime will be in the last stage. We all be blown away by then.


  24. Eric Flanigan
    6 years ago

    Hi Jon!

    First, what an honor (and privilege) it is to be a part of the same team!

    Second, the shear volume and quality of this article deserves notoriety and honorable mention.

    Thank you well in advance for dedicating your valuable time, knowledge and resources for providing this informative and enlightening Empower Network expose’. 🙂

    Quite simply, it is one of the most comprehensive articles I have ever read and digested.

    For future seekers of accurate information regarding this company, this can only aid in helping someone to form their own decisions moving forward in the industry.

    It is precisely why I choose to point every single person here to this resource.

    “Want to know more? Read Jon’s article…” 🙂

    Thanks again Jon for everything you do…excellent article!

    Eric Flanigan

    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      Awesome, Eric! I am glad you enjoyed it. All too often people have the wrong idea about Empower Network… and our industry in general. Add to that, it didn’t help that there were others out there misleading people for their own gain. It surely took a while to write this review, but because of people like you, it was well worth it in the end. Talk soon 🙂




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