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Leave A Reply (28 comments so far)

  1. JC Dawkins
    7 years ago

    This syndication training was amazing! Thank you so much!

  2. Jesse Meyers
    6 years ago

    Thanks for the great syndication training! I like how you explain everything and simplify the learning curve for us. Awesome video training…

  3. Erica
    6 years ago

    WOW!!! I had no idea, how little idea I had of how to use Tribe Pro. Thank you so much!

  4. Javardo Jones
    6 years ago

    Thanks Jon, This information clears up a lot of questions. Awesome!!

  5. Javardo Jones
    6 years ago

    This training is life training. thanks Jon for this very valuable information.

  6. Ronny Smtih
    6 years ago

    Jon You the man…. I wish I had a sponsor like you in my businesses. Great stuff… can’t wait to get it going

  7. Adrian Sinden
    6 years ago

    Awesome job as always Jon, thanks for the great syndication training!

  8. nuchem
    6 years ago

    great training
    is there a way to automate it?
    to submit 10 RSS feeds to lots of tribes take alot of time

  9. Adriana Pezzuto
    6 years ago

    I just want to thank you so much for all of the information that you have put in this group and in your blogs. You make everything so easy to understand and you have taught me so much I am definitely a groupie!!!!!!!!

  10. helen aldin
    6 years ago

    l love what jon is given l am a new person as l need some to set it up for me as l do not know much about it is there some can help me with Empower net work

  11. Dallas
    6 years ago

    Holy Moly! I signed up for Tribe Pro a year ago but not until last month did I go in there and listen to the training….how confusing it was. Your training on Tribe Pro has come at the perfect time. I now understand a). I need to upgrade, b). I understand auto syndication c). I understand what the RSS feeds are for………I’m sure I will listen to it again. Great audio and video of your training.


    • Jon Mroz
      6 years ago

      :) Glad you enjoyed it Dallas.

  12. Rhonda A Curry
    6 years ago

    Good job, your training will make this process possible. I’m thankful to you for taking the time to help me understand and remove the confusion.
    God Bless and Thank you ;0-)

  13. KC
    6 years ago

    great training as usual… I know i will be re watching at least a few more times to make sure I really have it down.. but you lay it out pretty simply.. thanks again

  14. LaurenceEdwards
    6 years ago

    Hey Jon, Game on Buddy! The past few days have been full on, But I did ask for information and a mentor, well that’s exactly what I have got.Thank you so much for that presentation, it has given me ideas on how to improve & scale up the power of the tribe pro system. I can see why they say,30-90 days and why you ask for a commitment of 1year..I know this makes it easier to find with your help Jon…I would have been dead in the water otherwise. Keep them Videos coming the are awesome!

    Laurence Edwards
    Western Australia

  15. SueTamani
    6 years ago

    Absolutely fantastic training Jon – many thanks!

  16. Adam Pettingill
    6 years ago

    I to watched the videos in tribe pro and found it daunting, but i seen your video just now and WOW! now i am keen to get motivated and get some good blog posts sign up in tribe pro as a plus member for the auto syndication method also thank you Adam

  17. Dale Myers
    6 years ago

    Ohhhh my goodness….I will have to watch this about 10 times before I understand everything. RSS feed, syndicate here and there….Jon this was WONDERFUL. Thanks again for your great training…

  18. David DeSisto
    6 years ago

    Jon, I’ve wondered for a long time now how the big(ger) boys get ranked so fast and so high. This training made my eyes pop! Thank you!!

  19. Davin
    5 years ago

    Whoah, dude do you know how much confusion you just cleared up for me? Man, that was awesome. Thanx so much-)

  20. Aadinath
    5 years ago

    Thanks to be here, Excellent.

  21. Rita Contreras
    5 years ago

    I really learned a lot from this Video. Off to get my plus account, member of Tribe pro in the beginning but just didn’n know how to use it. Thank you…Rita

  22. rickyHope
    5 years ago

    John Mroz, you should be John G ( genius )

    This info was just what i was looking for.

    I will be getting this done asap

    Thanks again


  23. Marion
    5 years ago

    Thank You Very Much Jon,helps a lot

  24. Jan Jurcisin
    5 years ago

    Hi Jon, I joined your Syndication Mastery in Tribe Pro.

    • Jon Mroz
      5 years ago

      Great to hear Jan! I just followed you back :)

  25. Phillip Moore
    5 years ago

    Thank you so much, great info. guess I gotta come up with the money for a plus account. :) I want to do what you just taught me. Again Thanks.

  26. wilsonzulu
    4 years ago

    The video is awesome. I have at once upgraded to plus account