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Leave A Reply (12 comments so far)

  1. merna
    7 years ago

    Thank you Jon, for going over everything so many times in your training – it really helped to get it all to sink in… because there was so much to take in.. and you made it sound so doable, easy and sensible to do. Really am grateful for all your knowledge and sharing. Thank you again

    • Jon Mroz
      7 years ago

      Thank you :) Glad you’re enjoying it and putting it into action. It’s not hard once you do it a few times… consistency is key to see massive results.

  2. JC Dawkins
    7 years ago

    Again, another great training, Jon.

  3. Loren
    7 years ago

    Hey Jon,

    I really enjoyed going through this training. Your training material is Phenominally Cool!! Thanks for giving to your team. Much, much appreciated!!

    Loren Wenning

  4. 4everfree
    6 years ago

    Jon, as I continue to go over & over these videos daily, it becomes more & more evident, that I’ve joined the right “team”. Your content is amazing. Thanks and God Bless!

  5. jale
    6 years ago

    Thank you Jon… Training is SUPER … :)

  6. diane
    6 years ago

    Hi Jon, so happy your training is fantastic .. this was a great refresher course for me and should of been doing this a few years back.. shame on me! but never to late… you explained it so easy to understand.. thanks again..

  7. diane
    6 years ago

    Jon, you said 75,000 to 300,000 for a keyword, do not recommend under 75,000?

  8. David
    6 years ago

    This is clearing things up so much for me, once again. Great stuff! I thought you said near the end of video to write a post a day for 30 days ABOUT THE SAME KEYWORD?? I can’t believe I heard that right. Blogging a post a day is clearly the thing to do, but not 30 posts on BOD HD, right??

  9. ChabaKayi
    5 years ago

    Great info. Thank you Jon.

  10. KimColeman
    4 years ago

    Wow! This is like a breathe of fresh air. I mean I have been so confused, I think the light bulb just came on… its still a lil dim but dog-on-it, ITS ON! Thanks Jon, you’re a great teacher. I can see now that I clearly got linked up with the right team! :)

    • Jon Mroz
      4 years ago

      Haha! Glad to hear it Kim :) It’s great to have you on the team as well.