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Getting connected to our teams facebook groups, daily and weekly calls, and live training is essential. This is where success happens!

Understanding your Empower Network blogging platform and marketing system. Learn how to properly navigate the system quickly so you can get into making those commissions!

Automation at its finest. Learn how to integrate your autoresponder into your Empower Network System and gain access to the teams complete EN follow up campign. This will literally cut a months worth of work down to a few minutes...

Gain exclusive access to our team's capture pages, sales pages, reports, webinars, and marketing material to skyrocket your sales, differentiating you from the competition, ensuring that you have the upper hand.

How To Become a Copywriting Kingpin: Content creation that keeps your visitors coming back for more. Ever struggle with writing good content? Not anymore...

Ensure that the keywords that you go after are worth competing for. Learn how to choose the right topics to blog about, get ideas for content and reach top rankings in your chosen niche for massive traffic.

Learn the secrets behind on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization, gaining those all important top rankings in google, yahoo, bing, and other major search engines for Massive traffic to your Empower Network site.

Learn how to get others to mass distribute your content across the web. This one strategy alone generates me up to 15 leads daily and increases my search engine rankings overnight.

Get plugged into our teams marketing and advertising co-op. Tested by the top marketers and income earners within Empower Network, this resource has proven to generate more traffic and leads for your business.

Learn the secrets of the gurus for non-stop automated traffic, leveraging your time and efforts to maximize your income and catapult you to a 6 figure + yearly income.

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  1. Charles Peterson

    Awesome as always Jon!

  2. Over delivering again! I’ve learned a great deal from you during the last year Jon. I know I probably say it too much but thanks again for all you do.

    PS. I have 11 keywords ranking in the top 50 and 3 in the top 10 right now. I’m writing daily and I can’t wait to see what happens within the next 30 to 60 days. Thanks again JM

    • Jon Mroz

      That is Awesome Eric! Congrats, and thanks for the great feedback. Keep in touch.

  3. Ed Colton

    I live in Jon Mroz hometown of Jacksonville. He has an impeccable reputation of someone you can trust as a professional in this business. i am excited about marketing the Empower Network + using these tools for 2 global companies I’m involved with.
    So glad to be on Jon’s team.

    Ed Colton

  4. Great Orientation video, story, and commitment pledge! Excited to see the rest of the training… Thanks,

  5. tobias

    What a great a dedicated man, to put this much work into helping other people succeed, you can tell by the sound of his voice,that he wants you to succeed as a person and as a business partner.
    wow thank you Jon for your hard work, this is awesome i am blessed to be on the team that i am on

  6. cobi

    Thanks Jon, I ranked on page 2 of Google on my first 2 posts keyword.
    looking forward to be visible on page 1 soon. :)

    • Jon Mroz

      Awesome Cobi! Great to hear it :)

  7. Greay stuff Jon I have learned alot from you and saved alot from not having to go through what you did. Now have a product with value I can fill good about, So much money only products out there time to offer value!

  8. Hennie

    Hi Jon,

    I currently live and work in Saudi Arabia, I joined your program yesterday, I’ve tried so many things to make it online but till now i have not made $1, I hope to learn from you and take it step by step, I can tel you just by watching your videos, I feel comfortable. I hope to learn alot from you.



    • Jon Mroz

      It’s great to be working with you Hennie. I look forward to seeing what you accomplish. I know this team is on the right track and we’re doing big things :) Let’s make it happen!

  9. Terrance Gray

    Hey Terrance Gray here new member i just have got to say I started this without a clue on what to do and imjust now a bcouple days later realizing i could have joined the team immidiately so now reviewing alot of the info and seeing how great this team is together im more excited than ever to begin this legacy with you guys ill domy best to be a good team member

    p.s once make my first few commisions ill be sure to grab the inner circle!

    • Jon Mroz

      Great to have you on board Terrance! Looking forward to seeing your results

  10. John Arnold

    Hi from the UK Jon,

    Just joined the team and spent the weekend going through the training… theres alot of info there.
    I must admit i had to watch a couple of the videos a few time before it started to sink in.

    Anyway, domain name is sorted, i’ve got my eweber account and changed my capture page to the team page and the leads are starting to come through. Now I need to up my traffic.

    Thanks for your help, John

  11. lady3858Wicker

    Yyyyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!(lol!) Persistance pays off! After 5 grueling days of battling, I am now on your team!!! I can’t begin to relay the new-found confidence and peace of mind that I have now that “I belong”. What floored me, and was the magnet that forever fused me here and to EN, is the “Six Figure Bonus” video (I watched it with tears of joy}. Jon, you truly understand just how “we” feel in this battleground of MLM! Thanks to you, I’m exploring the various marketing tools, and sending my commitment to my sponsor. I am struck by that. It hits home, and I must commit. Because of you guys’ belief in yourselves and this system, and the encouragement for me to reach higher, I must commit to give back. I’ve joined FB, invited my friends, and even posted an ad on a free job posting site. Am off now to see the Training video. Much Luv, ya’ll!—–

    • Jon Mroz

      Awesome attitude, lady3858Wicker! Great to have you on the team and I know your going to do great here – with that kind of mindset, your destined for big things. Looking forward to seeing your results.

  12. sandijs

    Hi guys. I’m new here. I don’t know anything about network marketing, but I’m ready to listen,learn and most important DO!!. Only experience I have is principles how to do things. I learn this from other successful peoples, now is my turn to be successful.

  13. Frank Englund

    This is very helpful Jon!

  14. Hey Jon, great information and support it’s really nice to have the right support to get you out the starting blocks that you can really apply, also I sign up in your Tribe Syndication Mastery, you said let you know when this was done.
    Peace And Blessings
    Ron Riley
    I really look forward working with you !!

  15. Brian l Campbell

    Hello Jon, So happy to be here for your assistance…. But my name is Michelle Campbell, I will be the one your working with or helping, my husbands name is Brian it was on the billing info.. But again I’m Michelle thank you, I feel so relieved to be aboard your team of getting your insight ,help. THANK YOU

    • Jon Mroz

      Great to have you on board! Looking forward to seeing your results :)

  16. Richard A. Bourque

    Great to be on the Team Jon, been blogging for the last 2 years on my own, http://www.marketingnetworkpro.com , but look forward taking this to the next level and build a regular income with it!

    To Our Success!
    Richard A.

    • Jon Mroz

      Great to have you on board, Richard!

  17. JanVanSteenhouse

    OK. I guess I have to break the mold here tonight. I seem to be having a meltdown. I’m no dummy, but I am having problems/questions getting started. When I started with EN, I had little to no experience in internet marketing – or even using Facebook/Twitter. Still I am determined to make this work and once I catch on to some basics (technical) I will be one BadAss ‘hell on wheels’. Anybody out there willing to help me out? One thing – Did anybody try developing an business Facebook page independent of your personal account?

    • Jon Mroz

      Awesome attitude JanVanSteenhouse! Be sure to get plugged into our facebook group to ask the group those questions about the facebook page. They may have some insight for you and yes, here is an example of a facebook page I created for empower as well:


      Hope that helps :)

  18. candace Lawson

    I was never more excited to join a team until I met Jon Mroz.. after watching this welcome video, I’m that much more convinced I am FINALLY on the path I am suppose to be. I’m pushing the pause button on EVERYTHING else I am working on- to pick up .. what this guy is laying down. :)

    • Jon Mroz

      Awesome Candace! It’s great to have you on the team and I am excited to be working with you. Love your attitude and drive, and I can’t wait to see your results.

  19. Eduardo_Man

    Hey guys!!!! So excited to join this program and to be working with the team….Honestly this is the first time im in this business, dont really know what im doing but this guys look really helpful and i know im going to make it with your guy’s help lol….im lookin to make extra cash and success the thing i want in life im sure im in the right spot, ima give it my all. Wish me the best of luck.

    • Jon Mroz

      Great to have you on board Eduardo! Love your attitude and it will be great to work with you.

      Be sure to also get plugged into our facebook group where you can connect with others on the team. Talk soon

  20. jbmatson

    Jon,I joined you about a year and a half ago,and quit,wish I hadn’t!
    I have found out I need to learn how to crawl,before I can Run,Saying it may take me awhile to learn everything there is to learn here.I met you back then Jon,and learned to trust you,but guess I wasn’t ready then,I am now and I give my commitment,to you and the team that I won’t give up for at least a year! But I know that when I stay that long I well be doing as well as some here,TY Jon

    • Jon Mroz

      Awesome to have you back on board James. I find that a lot of people come back when they are ready. Glad to see you are ready to put everything into action. I am excited to see what you will accomplish.

  21. Lee Yung

    Giving Thanks for the Faith and Confidence in me Jon #1stDay

  22. W.M. Gardner


    Thank you, I think I’m going to like this.

    • Jon Mroz

      Great to have you on board W.M. Gardner :)

  23. Mythe Dinh

    I believe you read my mind, what I want to say.

  24. Anonymous

    Remarkable! Its truly remarkable, I have got much
    clear idea about from this concept.

  25. Geno Sinnett

    The information you deliver is very intuitive! I am always learning something valuable.
    Thanks Jon.

  26. RogerioMoreira

    To all whom it may concern.

    I can only recognize that a few months after being in contact with these strategies and this knowledge, not only I’ve already won good money online, as my biggest victory was assured and have internalized the feeling of confidence that I acquired within this system.
      This made me much stronger, dynamic and efficient and unable to transmit this force to all people. Here I feel more powerful and I feel I have a secure future. Thanks Jon Mroz.

  27. Gavin Alward

    Hey everyone! I’m brand new to this stuff but SUPER excited to get started and get my life moving the direction i need it to go. Lets do this!

    • Jon Mroz

      Great to have you here Gavin! We’re happy to help you get moving in the right direction as well. Be sure to get plugged into our facebook support communities and let us know if you get stuck or need any help. Looking forward to seeing your results!