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    Leave A Reply (17 comments so far)

    1. l would like to join Jon Mroz but dont have $100 l hope l have to soon

    2. Mary ESmith

      Thank you so very much for your training. Marvelous!

    3. 4everfree

      Jon. This training is absolutely priceless!!! There is so much material and great information that I find it hard to peel myself away from the computer to catch my breath.I know I made the right choice joining your team. Keep it going and God Bless!!!

      • Jon Mroz

        Great to have you on board and glad you are enjoying the training :) Love the attitude and drive for success from you guys – we are fortunate to have such a great team.

    4. jale

      Enjoying the training thoroughly… So much information … and it is made easy, even I can understand… Best part you were there to help personally, that made a huge difference


      • Jon Mroz

        Glad to hear it Jale :) Great to be working with you.

    5. jale

      Borrow, But Join :)
      And then Pay them back :) :) :)

    6. Matt Thomas



      Thank you so Much! I am grateful! I am a Brand New, Wet behind the ear Internet Marketer. That link above is my snapshot of my post on the 1st page of google. (#3 down from the top.) All from your training. Thanks for giving of yourself. I have never met you, but through your video’s I feel like I know you. Very Duplicate-able!
      Anyway, Thanks.

      Matt Thomas

      • Jon Mroz

        Awesome Matt! Great to see you implementing the training and taking action :)

    7. robert johnson

      Hey Jon great training and videos, keep it up

    8. AaronStarr

      Excellent info, very detailed and fast paced. Feeling a bit overwhelmed though. Learning what I can as fast I can. Thanks Jon

      • Jon Mroz

        Glad you are enjoying. Just remember to take it one step at a time. Overwhelm is VERY common and everyone goes thru it in the beginning. Just listen to one lesson, and complete it then move on… and you’ll do fine. Looking forward to seeing your results :)

    9. I’m glad I finally got into this I hope it works for me

      • Jon Mroz

        Glad to have you on board Wynette! Quick note – THIS works for EVERYONE. The only question is… will you do what it takes to make it work for you? Looking forward to seeing your results :)

    10. Gavrielytseb

      Jon…This information is excellent and assures me that I, as well as my team, will have the support and instruction they need to build a successful business.


      Gavriel Ytseb

    11. Craig McDaniel

      I’m under you, why I can’t get the info?

    12. Gary Cloud

      Hey Jon. Like you, I’ve tried a lot of different thing online and so far nothing has worked. Wasted a lot of time and money on worthless garbage that promised the moon only to have been left hi and dry. I’m plugging in and getting into the training, which is priceless, and going FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!! I WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO ACHIEVE MY GOALS! Thanks.